GoT, Winter is coming meme.

Winter Is Coming!

Woke up to a really cold morning. The creases of the neighborhood roofs covered in a light snow from the night before. It’s only October, but make no mistake about it, Winter Is Coming! I live in Buffalo NY, our winters are cold, snowy, and definitely not year round riding weather. This is the first …


Learning As I Go….

Well my last two trips haven’t been huge successes. I never made it to Vermont, or even the Adirondacks for that matter. My trip to Lost Nations wasn’t exactly a failure, but certainly could of ended better. For anyone that hasn’t figured this out yet… I’m pretty new to this, and really don’t know what …

Image from the side of the road

Buffalo To Vermont Maybe.

This was the original post I wrote before I discovered that I had left my charger for my phone/GPS on the bed at home.  I packed the bike the night before. The alarm was set for 6 AM. It never fails, the night before a trip I always get a case of insomnia. I think …

image of summer sunset

Running Out Of Summer.

I can’t believe it’s already the first week of September. September 22nd marks the Autumn equinox and the official end of summer! Looks like The Dude is running out of summer riding weather 🙁 I love posting summer sunsets to my social media sites. Summer sunsets will soon become scenic autumn vistas. Man, this summer and …